Day 4

This was going to be the last day of shooting. So we were all excited and hopeful that it would turn out as planned.
The cafe/restaurant we had planned to film at was unexpectedly unavailable which left us scrambling to find an alternate location. Fortunately we were able to find another restaurant across the road with a receptive owner. He graciously let us film at his restaurant and tolerated our monopolising of a couple of tables for most of the night. Thanks to Dershaye Tessema for his help and co-operation!
 The crew on Nicholson Street
This was one of the few scenes we shot at night-time and on location. So it was more challenging than usual. The traffic noises from busy Nicholson Street in Footscray didn’t help.
 Huu stressed on set
We were filming a scene with with Halide and Llaaneath where their characters would converse while cleaning up at the cafe they work at together. Lots of logistical issues. Carrying cups, aprons, wiping tables and all while keeping in frame and under lights. But through it all, both Halide and Llaaneath kept a smile on their faces, even after Huu shouted, “Cut! Another take please!”
 Minh holding up a reflector for more light on the actors
We also had Geordie arrive on set and play the role of Betty’s mum, who has come to collect the girls after their shift. She had to drive a car into shot and then drive off with the girls in tow. One take we were afraid she was going to drive away and not come back!
 Huu reminding Geordie not to run over any of the crew
But finally the day was over when Huu shouted out, “Cut! That’s a wrap!”
I’d like to thank all the cast and crew for their effort on this project. We had a tight schedule and had lots of challenges along the way. But we did it! Give yourselves a pat on the back and hopefully we will be working on new projects in the future.
 Smiles at end of a challenging day on location.