Huu Tran
Huu has been in involved in theatre and film for the last ten years. He has experience in all areas of production including writing, producing, directing and editing. Huu is committed to broadening the scope of Australian theatre and film.
Nghi Huynh
Nghi has always had a fascination with film and was itching at the chance to be involved in creating one. His film education has involved many hours in cinemas and watching DVDs. Nghi is particularly interested in being involved in films that deal with real people and real issues.
Tanja Heese
Tanja grew up in Germany in a city called Mönchengladbach. Tanja came to Australia in November 2006 and spent one year in Perth where she discovered her passion for film and Television, specifically cinematography. Tanja later moved to Melbourne to continue her film studies and improve and get more into film projects. Tanja enjoys traveling and driving cars (Her second passion after film: car racing).
John Pelagides
John love films and has a passion for cinematography, lighting and sound. He loves to get involved in projects and work with other passionate souls who have the desire to follow their creative spirit.
David Vo
David loves music and film. His ambition is to become a professional musician and actor. David is excited to be involved in creative projects and has accompanied Huu Tran on previous productions. David has a very gung-ho attitude and there is nothing he won’t do to complete a project.
James Kaaden
James has just completed his Bachelor of Arts: Animation Interactive Media in 2008. He deeply interested in the entertainment industry and hopes to be involved in more projects, either in animation or film.
Chris Kimitsis
Chris is a diversely creative guy. He has turned his hand at writing songs, novels and now film-making. Chris is a licensed builder and has created award winning houses in Melbourne. But he feels that he is most happy when he is involved in creative projects.