Day 3

We started Day 3 of the shoot early in the morning. 10am! Very difficult to get out of bed!
 Huu is happy with his first coffee of the morning
It was going to be challenging shoot. We had limited time and a lot of important scenes to film.
The shoot was at Jason’s house in Aspendale which was a perfect location. It was exactly what I had envisioned for the house John and Kat would live in.
One extra complication was that we had a few night-time scenes that we needed to shoot, but it was bright sunlight outside! So we needed to improvise and block out the windows with cloth and garbage bags. There was also a skylight in the lounge room which had us scratching our heads a little bit. As a skylight is designed to let as much sunlight into the room as possible, but we were trying to block as much as we could. So an uphill battle.
Blacking out the windows to make it look like evening during the middle of the day.
Next was the tracking shots and dolly shots. The house had uneven carpetting which gave the video a wobble as we moved the camera over it. So we had to do a convoluted pulley, pushing system with a lot of hands on the camera.
 Hands on the camera for the dolly shots
We also had to artificially mess up the house with boxes and papers. Empty wine bottles etc. Very time consuming!
We had to shoot a lot of scenes which storywise where taking place on different days. So Jason was very busy changing in and out of different coloured shirts all day. There was also continuity issues with Jason needing to be clean-shaven in some scenes and with stubble in others. Arrgghhh! Can’t keep it straight!
 Jason looking around his messy house
Another issue we had was from plane traffic overhead! It must have been such a fine day that pilots from all across the state decided to take out their light aircraft and fly over our film set! We had some pretty long and intense scenes to shoot and can’t tell you how it felt when nearing the end of a take, you could hear the whine of the plane getting closer and then roaring overhead. CUT! Another take!
 Peeking in through the window
But we were able to get all the scenes we needed on the day. If only going slightly over time.
 Huu working with Jason and Halide on a scene
Thanks to all the cast and crew on the day. It was a challenging time and we were all tired by the end of it, but we did it eventually. Everyone chipped in and we got it done!