Day 1

We’ve just had our first day on set. I was a little worried about the weather. The first scene we had to shoot was outdoors and the sky was threatening to rain. Thankfully it didn’t rain but it was rather windy. That gave our sound guy some problems.
  Jason getting his tie on
This was our first day. So the cast and crew had to work out their rhythm. Setting the camera, lights and sound. But once Huu shouted “Action”, we were up and running and didn’t stop till late afternoon.
 Huu checking the shot on the monitor
Our first scene was at Addis Cafe and Restaurant in Footscray. Jason was on set with his suit and tie. He had to take a call on his mobile and take a drink from a wine glass. We had substituted cranberry juice for the wine. We needed Jason sober!
Jason sitting at table
There was also a dolly in shot. Zooming into Jason sitting at the table, but the ground was uneven. I’m concerned that the shot was wobbly. We will have to see what it looks like on screen.
Next was an office scene in Preston. We had allocated 30 minutes to make it to new location and we ended up needing it. Lucky we had a turn-by-turn GPS system in the car. It had us driving down little streets and avoiding traffic. This was a good scene with Jason and Toan.
 Jason in the office
The lighting in the office was giving us some trouble. The office was well lit from all sides by windows, but the picture was over-exposed. So had to close some blinds and put up our own lighting. The was limited space within the office so that made it even more crowded in there.
 Crowded office
Thanks to all the cast and crew. We survived our first day! Only 3 more to go!